Families and Friends

Barod recognises that those affected by somebody else’s use of drugs or alcohol equally need support.

Service users and families

Many family members, and especially parents, ask themselves if something they have done has caused drug/alcohol use, and often have real feelings of guilt and blame themselves. Many will spend lots of time examining their own behaviour and wondering what they did wrong. It is important that families and friends realise that the individual who has the problem are responsible for their choices and actions and that it is their decision whether to take drugs or alcohol.

Barod offers a range of services for affected others, ranging from one to one advice and support, to carers support groups both structured and less structured. If somebody does not want to be seen, then they are welcome to discuss their issue with a worker by telephone.

The organisation and our staff recognise that it’s not easy for somebody to come forward and ask for help but they will be offered non-judgemental advice and support

Contact your local service to see what support is available in your area

 It took me a long time before I could get the confidence to ask for help. It’s not easy to say that your adult son is out of control, nasty and I don’t know what to do. I thought I was the only one in this position. My worker  helped me to realise that this wasn’t my fault and that there are people who will help you deal with difficult situations