Harm Reduction

Our ethos is based on harm reduction. Barod (formerly known as Drugaid) does not see harm reduction as a polar opposite to abstinence but a necessary element of the recovery journey. 

Harm reduction information is important at all stages of the treatment journey as lapse and relapse is common when individuals address their substance misuse issues.

Throughout all our work we aim to reduce the harms associated with substance use.  Harm reduction features in our policies, group-work programmes and interventions, services and actions and aims to reduce the health, social and economic harms to individuals, communities and society.

Barod’s core harm reduction interventions include:
• Overdose and Naloxone training and kits for opiate users and concerned others
• Needle exchange services and safer injecting techniques
• Access to opiate substitute therapy for opiate users
• Dried blood spot testing for blood borne viruses (BBVs)
• Vaccination against hepatitis B
• Supported referrals for individuals to BBV testing, vaccination and treatment
• Access to criminal justice services for users facing criminal charges associated with their substance use
• Oral hygiene information and access to NHS dentists
• Fire risk assessments and practical interventions to reduce fire risks in service users’ accommodation
• Sexual health interventions (including long acting reversible contraception and provision of condoms)
• Relapse prevention programmes
• Everything we do!!

Barod has an in-house Harm Reduction Group attended by staff throughout our organisation. The aim of the group is to ensure that we deliver against our Harm Reduction Strategy and implement the points in our action plan.