Carer Groups

Drugaid supports carers in many ways.  We often refer to carers, families, friends of service users as concerned others.  We will explore with service users whether their concerned others should become part of their support/treatment package as we recognise that loved ones can be an untapped support for individuals wanting to make lifestyle changes.  Drugaid also recognises that carers or concerned others may need support in their own right. 

We have developed a self-help booklet for carers:

Drugaid runs groupwork programmes aimed at concerned others and carers, including the PACT programme.  Ask a case worker for details of groups in your area.  Many Drugaid services also offer 1-1 support to concerned others.

Drugaid supports carers groups.  These are mainly peer support groups (such as CASM in Llanelli/and a well established carers group in Swansea which meets on a weekly basis) however we also ask carers to become involved in shaping our services (ie carer involvement).  For information about carer’s groups in your area please ask a Drugaid staff member.

Drugaid staff are ‘carer aware’ and have undertaken training to help us understand the needs of carers and young carers.  Drugaid staff will signpost and accompany carers, wherever practical, to a Social Services carer’s assessment.  Assessors will outline any support available, including respite, where appropriate for carers and/or their loved ones.  In our Merthyr project Drugaid staff conduct these assessments in-house.