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What we do

Barod (formerly known as Drugaid) provides free confidential and non judgmental support delivered by trained workers. This is all based on harm reduction principles and we use good practise and evidence based initiatives.

Drug and alcohol services

Barod has services which operate across Gwent, South Wales and West Wales.

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Young persons service

Barod has specialist teams which provides services for children and young people.


Friends and family support

Barod recognises that the misuse or drugs or alcohol can have a devastating effect on families and friends, and has services which can offer support and advice.

Group work

Barod provides a wide range of informal and more structured groups to help individuals, families and friends to address substance misuse problems.


We operate a number of drop-in centres or open access services across the area which offer a comprehensive range of services. The centres seek to address any immediate problems or crisis and help individuals engage with the best services for them.

There is no need for an appointment

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Structured counselling is available to service users in Gwent, Merthyr Tydfil and Rhondda Cynon Taff.

Diversionary activities

A service offering a range of activities to encourage individuals to engage with positive activities in their lives and reduce social isolation.

Complementary therapies

Barod provide a range of complementary therapies including auricular acupuncture and Indian head massage.

Needle exchange locations

Needle Exchange is a health promotion intervention based on  the harm reduction philosophy. Through this service people who smoke or inject drugs can obtain sterile injecting equipment and other drug paraphernalia like foil. Service users are also offered a wide range of advice and support regarding safer drug use and safer injecting techniques, tailored to their needs. The aim of these services is to reduce the damage associated with sharing used injecting equipment i.e. preventing the spread of HIV, HepC, vein damage, overdose, etc. Barod provides needle exchange service at a number of its bases and through outreach provision

A number of pharmacies also provide exchange provision.

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Education and prevention work


  • Barod has strong partnerships with the following prescribing organisations:
    Kaleidoscope prescribing and support agency in Gwent
    GSSMS prescribing agency in Gwent
  • ABMU CDAT in Swansea
  • PSALT in Swansea
  • CDAT prescribing service in RCT and Merthyr Tydfil
  • WWSMS in Dyfed

Barod in Gwent prescribes single dose Naloxone to opiate users for use in overdose emergencies.  All opiate users are encouraged to attend basic life support training and be prescribed this life saving drug.  For more information contact Babs 0870 060 0310 or 02920 868675.

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