The Lighthouse

Needle exchange X
Blood borne virus services X
Dried blood spot testing services X
Outreach campaigns X
Tier 1 training for professionals X
Tier 2 training for professionals
Open access premises X
Drop ins X
Naloxone X
Wedinos site X
Arrest referral X
Probation orders – support for substance use as part of the order X
Diversionary activities X
Prison link
Volunteering X
Peer mentoring
Bibliotherapy (self-help manuals) X
Opiate Substitute Therapy (or access to it) X
Community detox – alcohol (or access to it) X
Access to inpatient detox X
Access to residential rehabilitation X
Social enterprise development
Service user involvement group X
Concerned other group involvement group X
Service user development work X
Parent and Carer Training (PACT) X
Moving on in My Recovery
Mutual aid – SMART recovery groups, access to NA, CA, AA, or any other group X
Counselling services

Therapeutic interventions
Alcohol – brief interventions X
Drug – brief interventions X
Concerned others – brief interventions X
Community Reinforcement Approach X
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy X
Behaviour Control Therapy X
Complementary therapies
Social Behaviour Network Therapy X
Harm Reduction X
Relapse prevention X
Motivational interviewing X